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Bitcoin, the first and only decentralized digital currency, has been referred to as the “future of money” among other things, but there is a huge amount of confusion surrounding it. Those who recognize the true innovations of this emerging technology have the power to change their future. Change can be accomplished through awareness, self-education, and action.

This technological breakthrough has a long list of benefits but, still in its infancy, the surface of possibility hasn’t even been scratched. How cryptocurrency will impact our national and global financial systems is not yet clear. However, it is clear that failure to learn about digital currency could be a costly mistake.

Joff Paradise spends most of his time traveling to meet with people from all walks of life interested in cryptocurrency. His goal is to impart awareness, understanding, and skills needed to prosper as an early adopter of this emerging technology. His message is that if you want something, you will have to take charge of it right now, and there is no moment fully in your control but the present. His hope is that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change your reality will be considered, if not seized.

Bitcoin Enthusiast Joff Paradise


Joff Paradise is a firm believer that the key to any successful venture is to gain knowledge of the space.


No matter where you are this technology is destined to have an impact, and early adopters reap the most rewards.


History has proven emerging technology has the power to open doors and greatly impact lives on a personal level.


In this space, the sharing of experiences, mistakes and successes help others develop winning strategies.


Responsible investment decisions and risk management can generate sustainable, long-term returns.



Investors are 100% accountable for actions taken in this space and success depends on checking all the boxes.

Joff’s blog

As a successful business entrepreneur for over 40 years, Joff Paradise has learned that success is driven by the actions you take. Taking action to make intelligent, informed investment decisions is what his blog explores.


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