Trade Coin Club members are a huge point of pride for Joff Paradise, and he constantly looks for new tools and resources to help them maximize their membership opportunity. To further that pursuit, Joff has partnered with top web developers to launch the new TCC123.Pro Personal Websites platform.


When approaching friends, family, colleagues or associates that may be interested in joining TCC – it is vital they be fully informed about the investment opportunity being presented.  In some cases, a fair amount of education on the subject of Bitcoin is required. The TCC123.Pro personal website is designed to give members a “leg-up” when it comes to delivering complex explanations on cryptocurrency in general, the Trade Coin Club in particular.  Members subscribe to the service by signing up, selecting payment options, and completing a short personal data form to auto-populate the site.  Personal websites are created and launched instantly – giving members a professional, polished online presence in about 5 minutes or less.

Member websites contain detailed FAQs segments that answer questions on Bitcoin, altcoins, mining, transactions, cryptocurrency wallets, and much more.  Information, charts, statistics, videos and resource links are included to help corral information it would take days if not weeks to find surfing the Internet.  Trade Coin Club best practices and investment strategies are shared to help new members establish their own goals and get off on the path to success!

Trade Coin Club Support

Members of Joff’s TCC team know the level of dedication and effort it takes to be successful. Team leaders work to assist those on their own teams and helpful tools are a welcome addition to the arsenal.  Since most members do not have the skills, time or funds to employ the services of a web developer, engage a hosting plan, or handle monthly maintenance – a solution was created to deliver everything members needed without the headaches they didn’t need!  The Trade Coin Club TCC123.Pro personal websites platform was created with one purpose in mind – to provide every TCC member the opportunity to have a website that was functional, informational, and professional.


How to Get Your TCC123.Pro Site

  1. Choose 1 of 3 Plans
    Plans may be cancelled in your dashboard anytime – no refunds given should time remain.  Site remains “live” for time remaining.
  2. Select a Site URL
    (i.e., )
  3. Select a Site Name
    Select a Site Name (i.e. Future of Money, My Bitcoin Site, anything you want)
  4. Subscribe
    (PayPal or Stripe for monthly/quarterly/yearly – or cryptocurrency for yearly)
  5. Land on your site Dashboard
  6. Complete Personal Data form to auto-populate your Site
  7. Start sharing your new site!
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